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Northside Community Church exists to spend our lives worshipping Jesus Christ, finding out
where the Holy Spirit is at work and join Jesus in doing what God the Father is doing. That’s our
mission, and it’s what we’re always striving to do.
Our vision is to join God in advancing the Kingdom of God in our world, in our communities, in
our relationships and in our lives. Specifically, ministry success looks like seeing 200 people
become disciples in the way of Jesus, reflecting our community demographically, and planting
churches every 2 years. This we hope to accomplish by the year 2030.
Our strategy is to engage in the priesthood of all believers, recognizing that offices are given to
enable the saints to do the work of the ministry. We earnestly seek the greater gifts as scripture
encourages. So, we are looking first to worship and prophecy; honoring God first and letting
God have the final word. We are looking to evangelize and practice apostleship; going and
telling the good news of the gospel as well as sending workers into the harvest. We are looking
to disciple and shepherd; joining God in the inner work of the soul and empowering others with
tools and talent to make disciples in the way of Jesus.


What we know to be true:
Jesus is doing a work and God’s Kingdom is taking ground.
Looking for where God is at work and joining God’s work wherever we find it.
Around every corner, under every rock, in every heart, God is at work. We are looking for God at work in these places:

In Us

Thoughts, Words, Actions, Dreams and Plans, Body and Spirit

In Our Relationships
Families, Friendships, Neighbors, Homes and those with whom we have influence

In Our Communities (In the places we self-identify)
Systems, Institutions, Cultures, and Groups of Common Identity

In Our World (In places we do not self-identify)
Regions, Nations, Languages, Peoples, and all of the Creation

Worship - God is at work, we can see it so we say it
Core Value: We were created to worship

Evangelism - to see Lost People Found
Core Value: Found people Find people

Shepherding - to see Found People Cared-for
Core Value: Healed people Help people

Teaching - to see Cared-for People Discipled
Core Value: Growing people Change

Apostleship - to see Discipled People Sent
Core Value: Sent people Serve people

Prophecy - God is speaking, we can hear it so we say it
Core Value: God gets the final word